Unity Asset

"LED Board" is the Unity Asset. The main task is to create an "LED Board" object, representing a scoreboard with text consisting of "LED" elements. Depending on the text being introduced, each element is able to change its color and use different interfering’s. The effect of movement and flickering is also available.
The package presents an asset and an example of its use. Asset is a set of scripts, prefabs.

General scheme of "Led Board" package

  • Scenes contains a scene with an example of the use of the "LED Board";

  • Resources contains prefabs, models and materials;

  • Scripts, Editor contains C# scripts.


General scheme prefab dependences

This is the main prefab. It is placed on stage with the help of the “Tools team -> Create Led Board”. The prefab includes the “LedBaordScript(Script)” component that manages LetterField, Led, Led_Sphere, and other object settings. The Prefab has settings in the inspector.


  1. Led text - text displayed on the scoreboard;

  2. Led type - is a form of led element available: Cube and Sphere. It is possible to change to any mesh by changing the prefab or creating a new one;

  3. Horizontal - scoreboard orietation;

  4. Letter distance - the distance between the characters on the scoreboard, changes from 0 to 10;

  5. Blink – settings flicker the scoreboard;

  6. Move - Set up the movement of symbols on the scoreboard;

  7. Led settings – Set the color of the ice elements of the scoreboard and their scale;

  8. Rebuild – rebuilding the scoreboard;



This prefab is controlled by the LedBoardScript(Script) component in the “LedBoard.prefab” prefab. This auxiliary prefab is designed to create a single character field. 

Led.prefab и Led_Sphere.prefab

This prefab is controlled by the LedBoardScript(Script) component in the “LedBoard.prefab prefab”. These prefabs create an LED element.